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Sysme Pos is a software for the management of the point of sale, customers, billing and warehouse. Adapted to touch screens and barcode readers.

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  • Complete and easy to use: Sysme Pos offers a complete management of the sales and stock of the business, however, its clear and simple user interface is very easy to use and understand, advanced computer skills are not necessary to work with Sysme Pos.
  • Powerful and fast: Each action with Sysme Pos generates a multitude of operations such as stock calculations, note recording, document generation, etc., all these operations are transparent to the user and are executed in milliseconds.
  • Touch and / or barcode and / or keyboard and mouse: Sysme Pos can work with touch screens, with barcode readers or simply with a keyboard and mouse, therefore, it is not a requirement to make investments to start with Sysme Pos.

Companies and Sectors

Sysme Pos in general is useful in any company that has direct sales points to the public, with its multiple configuration options that define the behavior of the software, it is capable of operating in companies as different as a restaurant and a shoe store.


Sysme Pos includes a complete module for hospitality companies through which it offers procedures, sections and behavior to respond to the specific needs for the hospitality sector.

  • Bars, Breweries and Coffee Shops
  • Restaurants, Fast Food and Delivery
  • Pubs and Clubs
  • Hotels, Rural Houses and Hostels


The speed of the sales terminal, both in manual searches and in the operation with barcode readers, together with the complete stock control makes Sysme Pos the perfect tool for the management of retail stores

Food Companies

La integración con balanzas tanto automáticas (conectadas al equipo) como autónomas (que emiten tíckets con código de barras) junto con las propiedades de composición de productos son aspectos que  contempla Sysme Tpv a la hora de trabajar en comercios del sector de la alimentación.

  • Supermercados
  • Panaderías y Pastelerías
  • Fruterías y Carnicerías

Featured Properties

List of the most important functions of Sysme Pos grouped by management, sales, catalog, stock, hospitality and administration sections:

Sales management

  • Sales terminal (POS) adapted to touch screens, barcode readers, customer display and cash drawers.
  • Generate simplified receipts or invoices assigned to customers
  • Management of payment methods
  • Multiple configurable receipt formats
  • Management of customers grouped by type
  • Employee management and special privileges
  • Management and cancellation of receipts and invoices
  • Management of multiple points of sales
  • Management of work shifts (cash openings and closings in the same work day)
  • Cash movements
  • Sales reports by employees, categories, products, taxes, dates, hours …

Catalog Management

  • Product management by categories with multiple levels of organization
  • Composite product management
  • Real-time product mix options with different mix types
  • Barcode Label Printing
  • Management of special rates
  • Management of promotions and discount coupons

Stock Management

  • Multi-Warehouse
  • Stock report by parameters
  • Transfer of products between warehouses
  • Inventory management
  • Entry of supplier delivery notes
  • Supplier invoices

Hospitality Module

  • Management of tables and dining rooms
  • Table reservation management
  • Send tickets to kitchen
  • Cooking notes for the chef


  • Multi-station / networking (1 pc = 1 license)
  • Backup management
  • Software behavior option settings
  • Peripheral configuration (viewer, cash drawer, printer)

System Requirements

Operating system

Sysme Pos is software for Windows and is compatible with:

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8 Pro (no RT)
  • Windows 10
  • Windows Server (2003 y 2008)
  • Windows Pos Ready / Windows Embebed / 2009 y 7


Sysme Pos has been designed to work both in current PCs that have an ample processing capacity as well as in POS Terminals whose main virtue is resistance, robustness and reliability, leaving performance in the background. This indicates that the requirements for Sysme Pos to work correctly are minimal:

  • Minimum Processor: Intel Celeron 1.5 Gz
  • Minimum RAM Memory: 1 GB
  • HD free space: 1 GB

However, as the system accumulates data (depending on the volume of business information), performance will be affected by what an optimal configuration would be:

  • RAM memory: 4 GB or higher
  • HD SSD: Capacity on demand
  • Processor: i3 or higher

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