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Versión completa: Remove table view at start of new sale?
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Good morning,
Coud you please tell me how I can remove the table view at the start of a new order?

I am using Sysme v4.94

Every time an order is placed, the screen goes to the table view to select a table from the layout plan and I want to turn this option off?
Thank you
Hi harryo69, in SYSTEM->SETTINGS you can disable that feature.
Thank you Oscar for your reply, but could you go in to a little more details as to were in the settings I can find this to turn off the table view at the start of a new order, as I have searched but could not find it?
Sorry Harry I was wrong .. the feature is setted in the CONF tab of Sales Screen ... I attach a capture
Morning Oscar,
Thank you for that and I will take a look once I get to the bar later.

Just one last thing and that is, is there any documentation anywhere that I can view to get the printer working in the kitchen?

The TPV PC is in the bar area and when an order is places, we can send it to the kitchen so a ticket is printed with the food ordered, but it does not send to the kitchen.
The printer is on and I can press a button on it and print just a normal ticket, but i need it to send from PC to printer with the food order. There is an ethernet cable in the printer that I am assuming goes in to the back of the PC desktop and I have been in to the settings to test it but nothing prints.
Thank you for all your help  Smile
Hi Harry,

You need to install the printer on the local network, the cable does not go on the back of PC, it must be connected to a router or switch .. then set the IP connection in Windows control panel.

That documentation must be in the printer manual with the drivers and tools to stablish the connection.