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can you tell me how can we add more bar codes?
for example we have 10 pcs samsung s8 and all mobile boxes with diffrent serial numbers with diffrent bar codes but all are same model as i am looking here showing we can add stock quantity but how we know which box we sold.
its 1 product with more bar codes so how we can add because in system showing auto bar code or we can just put 1 bar code for 1 product there not showing bulk bar codes add.
thank you
Hi AdnanRaj, welcome to Sysme forum,

You can use the "Lotes y Fechas" tab available in each item data file, there you can set all the serials (use lote field) and barcodes for each mobile item.
[Imagen: 4qr137.jpg]

check we can't search item with bar code because we using default bar codes so we can't check in stock also when we add items in lote that items show in stock so if single item we have in more quantity so how we add stock quantity becasue there lote items also showing in stock
also its not giving error item out of stock
for example if 1 product not available its must be show error item out of stock etc
thank you
- Ok, in the next release of Sysme Pos we will try to add an extra filter in the stock report in order to search by "variación" wich contains the lote value so you can search by it.

- You can add stock quantity of each lote by 3 ways. The simplest one is in the "stock" tab present in the product data file buy also in the inventory and in the "product by supplier" section.

- Sysme Pos allow to sell items out of stock in order to allow you add the stock value later.
thank you very much really a very good & fast support
but friend if you add this option too in settings then it w'll be much better
because for example if 1 item not available it will be show item out of stock.
thank you
Think in this scenario ..

- today you receive new phones from your supplier
- you are too busy today to register the "product from supplier" file so you let this work pending to do it later
- a new customer ask for one of the new phone ... you have in stock but Sysme don't know that

thats the reason why we allow to sell with no stock Wink
ah good 1 step ahead from all others
but if you add '' out of stock'' as a optional w'll be much better.
nice talk with you
take care
okay, we add as an option for the next version
1 thing more can you tell me where is option for budget ''presupuesto ''
for example 1 client ask for multi products's budget how can we creat presupuesto
without items sales just for presupuesto.
i am searching but not showing if not added kindly don't forget to add in next update.
please don't mind your program is really very good same like you sir if you add these things then it w'll be much better.
thank you sir
for budgets i do a new sale and i use the print without finish button. this prints a document.

then i choose to leave the sale pending or cancel it depending of customer reaction.